Dr Samantha Pillay is a surgeon, entrepreneur, educator, public speaker, single mother & Amazon No1 Best Selling author.
Image Credit: Simon Stanbury

Don’t call me Mister, call me Doctor! Honorifics or Horrorifics?

The Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS), formed in 1927, has finally passed a resolution to use gender-neutral titles. Surgeons will now be referred to by RACS as Doctor or by academic titles like Professor, breaking the anachronistic title of Mister for surgeons. While the resolution only applies to official…

Writing was a hobby. I never expected it would make me a better surgeon.

Celebrating the Art of Surgery was the theme for the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons annual scientific congress in May 2021. The meeting highlighted the importance of creativity for surgeons.

Having recently taken up writing as a relaxing hobby, I have enjoyed developing new skills, yet I was surprised how…

The condition, affecting millions, that no-one likes talking about.

Dr Samantha Pillay looks out from a small bridge across the gardens.
Dr Samantha Pillay. Image: Kate Elmes

I will reveal the condition I am referring to, in time. For now, ‘it shall not be named’, as such is the stigma, you will be unlikely to read on.

I will discuss why doctors, media, and patients avoid this topic. …

Dr Samantha Pillay

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